How To Take Full Advantage of Google Business Features

What Is Google Business?

Google Business, previously known as Google My Business (or GMB) is Google’s local services and companies directory.

Why Is Google Business Important?

Because it guarantees more clients.

Fill Everything Out

First, sign up for a Google Business account if you didn’t do that already. You can do it by going here and filling out your basic details.

Add Photos

Photos in your Google Business listing are very important when convincing potential clients to choose you.

  • Cover photo
  • Exterior photo
  • Interior photo
  • Product images, which are extremely important if you offer products from different categories


After you take care of the basic information, reviews should be your number one priority. They’re the criteria that dictate how high you show up on this listing:

  • Create a review link and send it to former customers. Follow-up on those attempts, especially if you provided an outstanding service.
  • Offer discounts in exchange of reviews. This can run hand in hand with a fidelity programme, but either way it should work wonders, especially if you’re in competitive local search results.
  • Get your employees involved. Show them the value of reviews and train them to remind employees that a review means a lot.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t start explaining the complexities of competing on the SERP and how 2 minutes of their time would factor into your business processes. Just thank them for their business and mention a review would be appreciated.

Offers and News

Updating your offers and adding news about your business is very important for maintaining an actualized Google Business listing, and for incentivizing customers to choose you over your competition.

Bonus Tip: Track Everything

This last tip doesn’t have so much to do with Google Business as it does with optimizing your processes for better indexation in general.

In Conclusion

Google Business is an important tool that you should master.

  • Write your information clearly and exhaustively
  • Add high quality photos and videos
  • Incentivize your customers to leave reviews
  • Interact with reviews, especially the bad ones
  • Add offers and news about your business
  • Track your performance



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